Clean Up Your Make-Up Routine

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Beauty and skincare is such an ingrained part of our society. Turning on the television, scrolling through your Facebook newsfeeds and even plastered around public areas; you cannot escape the reminders that we should be taking measures to look after our skin or adorn it with the latest cosmetics. There is nothing wrong with enjoying makeup and quite frankly, we should be taking measures to look after our skin as it is our biggest organ but when it comes to the products we use, being more conscious about our consumption is a way we can take steps to help our planet.


The cosmetic and skin care industries, especially large companies, are notorious for their impact on the environment. From animal testing to using chemicals and ingredients that are damaging to the environment and even right up to the packaging that these products come in- it can feel like a mind field navigating which products to buy. 


Reusable Over Disposable


This is where starting simple is the key. One of the biggest changes you can make is simply switching to reusable products. Statistics reported by Bustle stating that worldwide, 1.3 billion wipes are disposed of each day. This does not include cotton buds, plastic razors and toothbrushes which are also responsible for contributing to a big portion of the landfill. Making the switch to reusable makeup wipesbamboo cotton budsbamboo toothbrushes and even wooden razor handles and steering clear from cheap disposable blades will make a world of difference. It may seem overwhelming to make the switch, but just slowly replace your products as you finish them.



Another thing to look out for is the use of ingredients like microbeads in the cosmetics themselves. Micro-beads are literally small beads of plastic, and when washed down the drain contributes immensely to the plastic in our waterways. A single product may contain up to 100,000 off these beads and many countries including the USA and New Zealand have banned the sale of them. Choose products that use natural exfoliants instead. Apart from the microbeads, steering clear from products that use chemicals and unnatural perfumes is also contributing to a cleaner world, as the less these chemicals are washed down the drain, the better it is for our oceans.


All In The Package

Avoid products that use excessive packaging and choose products that come in recyclable or reusable containers. Soaps that come in cardboard or bottles and pots that you can refill are more sustainable and eco-friendlier. Shampoo and conditioner bars, as well as body bars and scrubs, are a great alternative as well as making your products at home as well. 


Mindful Spending


Being mindful about what you purchase and what you put on your skin is an amazing way to not just live a more sustainably focused life, it is a great way to vote with your dollar. Show your support companies that have ethical practices. Prove to companies that cleaning up their act and are creating products that are environmentally friendly is in the public interest.


Living an eco-friendlier life does not have to mean a huge overhaul of your current habits and does not mean you cannot still look like your glamorous self! All it means is taking those extra little steps to contribute less to landfill and the destruction of our environment. 


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