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Your body is a temple so let’s keep it that way with menstrual cups made from medical grade silicone and absolutely no nasties. The cups are a cost-effective and feelingless alternative to tampons, requiring less frequent replacing and promising no awkward leakages. By using these handy menstrual cups, you’re helping to save the world one period at a time.  


No Nasties

The menstrual cup is made with the very best quality medical grade silicone. It’s FDA certified and free of chemicals so there’s no chance of putting any nasties inside your body. The cups have been produced to meet the highest standards to make periods easier for women everywhere.


Easy, All-Day Wear

The menstrual cup is comfortable to wear at all times thanks to its soft and flexible design that takes the shape of your vagina. The menstrual cup has been designed with a stem at bottom. You shouldn’t feel the stem at all, but it’s there to help you find the base when you need to remove the cup.


Use For Longer

This menstrual cup can be worn up to 12 hours, preventing the need to change your protection. Rather than absorbing fluids the menstrual cup collects them, keeping your inside bits comfortable and most importantly, healthy.


Bye-Bye Leakage

The clever design creates a seal that secures the cup in place, for zero chance of leakage. Exercise and swim like you normally would – the menstrual cup will join you and keep you safe from leaking and free from odour. 


Small – Diameter: 4.6 cm, height: 5.5 cm, stem height: 1.5 cm

Regular – Diameter: 4.9 cm, height: 5.5 cm, stem height: 2 cm

Volume – 25 to 30 ml : holds up to three times the volume of a tampon


If it’s your first time we’ve put together a quick guide on how to use a menstrual cup. The Ekoroo Menstrual Cup is designed to be simple and fuss-free. It fits nice and snug, held in position by the seal formed by the walls of the vagina and the vaginal muscles. Your interior does all the work, you’ll barely feel a thing!


Step 1 Clean & Sanitise

Clean and sanitise your Menstrual Cup before you use it for the first time and after every menstrual cycle.

Bring a saucepan of water to boil and gently submerge the Menstrual Cup in boiling water using a tong, making sure that it does not touch the surface of the saucepan. Remove it after 3 minutes and let it cool completely on a clean surface. Tip – To avoid odour and discolouration, rinse first in cold water for the first time.


Step 2 Fold & Hold

Get comfy: you can insert the cup while sitting, standing or squatting. Spreading your legs will help with a successful and comfortable insertion. Fold the cup in on itself to make flat, then in half to form a C shape. Most use the typical C-fold. However, there are many ways to fold a Menstrual Cup. Get experimenting!


Step 3 How to insert a Menstrual Cup

Keep it rolled up and guide it rim first into the vagina. To check that the cup has fully opened, slide a clean finger up to the cup bottom and feel it – it should be round. Vaginas are tilted backwards, so guiding the cup towards the small of your back, moving it up and down will help you find the correct and comfortable position. Rotate the cup to check that it has fully opened and doesn’t leak.


Step 4 Wear & Learn

Once inserted, you will need to decide whether or not to keep the stem. If it protrudes, it will be uncomfortable. In this case, you likely won’t need the stem and can trim it off. However, if not, you may need it to assist with removal. Menstrual Cup is emptied about 2–4 times a day, can be used for up to 12 hours, also overnight. The measuring lines on the cup help monitor your flow and easily learn your rhythm.


Step 5 Remove & Empty

Wash your hands and relax your muscles. Grasp the bottom of the cup. To break seal, squeeze the bottom of the cup. Be sure not to pull it out by holding the stem alone. The stem is used to gain access to the bottom of the cup. If you pull on the stem, it will hurt! It will also create a mess since the cup won’t be supported or controlled when it exits. Once out tip the contents into the toilet.


Step 6 Rinse & Reuse

Laura Wells (Plastic Reducer ♻️ Climate Activist, Instagram Influencer with 81.9K followers) 

“Loved the ease of use and minimal packaging. Their ethos is very aligned with my own.”


Lindsay Miles (Writer of sustainability blog Treading My Own Path)

“Menstrual cups are a great way to reduce single-use plastic and waste but also save money over the lifetime of the product compared to buying disposables. Loved that this also had no unnecessary packaging, just a simple carry bag to store the cup when not in use.”


Emily Fletcher (Founder and Head of Research & Education of the Australian Non-Toxic Awards)

“This is made from super-soft silicone which is easy to fold and insert. It also includes a long enough stem at the bottom to help with removal. A larger volume cup and sized on the larger size too.”


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Change of mind

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Anna H.
So far so good :relaxed:️

Haven't actually used it yet. Fast delivery and product came exactly as described and pictured. Looking forward to contributing towards saving the planet and to saving some $$!

Ella G.
Works super well plus saves

Works super well plus saves money and is a sustainable option

Ella C.
So happy to have a

So happy to have a sustainable sanitary product

Sophie G.
Never go back to using tampons

I will never go back to using tampons after discovering this gem. I was skeptical at first, and it takes a few manoeuvres to work out what is comfortable, but now I can’t even tell the difference. My anxiety about any mishaps while in public is also nonexistent! I have used it for exercising, when at the beach and everywhere else.

Love my new period cup

I have been using tampons previously and the change to a period cup has been great. They had all the instructions on how to use the cup for the first time which was super handy. Don't think I'll go back to tampons again.

Easy to use

Great Menstrual Cup. Easy to use. Highly recommend it.


It's the first time using a Menstrual Cup. It needs a bit getting used to. Much better than using tampons I must say as I don't have to change it that often.

Best Menstrual Cup

Best Menstrual Cup I have ever used. I have tried a few other cups and this one is comfortable and easy to wear.

Thank you

Very comfortable

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