Reusable Cloth Nappy Bundle with Insert + Wetbag


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SET A – D (5 sets remaining)

3 Reusable Nappy + 3 Bamboo Charcoal Insert + 1 Wet Bag 


SET E – F (3 sets  remaining)

6 Reusable Nappy + 6 Bamboo Charcoal Insert + 1 Wet Bag 


SET G (1 set remaining)

12 Reusable Nappy + 12 Bamboo Charcoal Insert + 2 Wet Bag 



The Smart Choice

Reusable cloth nappies are a lot easier to use today with the innovative design that features a waterproof PUL outer shell, a suede stay-dry inner and an absorbent insert. These nappies are an eco-friendly and sustainable choice which can be reused time again saving you huge sums of money. Not to mention there are so cute!


Adjustable One Size Fits All

The three rows of snaps buttons will help you adjust the width and length of the nappy to fit your baby as it grows. Designed to fit newborns to toddlers you can use the nappy until your baby is toilet trained.


Stays Dry and Comfortable

A suede cloth lining on the inside keeps your baby dry and comfortable. Urine will pass through the suede lining and absorb into the inserts. 


Absorbent Bamboo Charcoal Insert

The 5 layer insert made from premium quality bamboo charcoal fabric ensures high absorbency and leak prevention. Bamboo fabric is also naturally hypoallergenic, anti-bacterial and breathable.


FREE Wet Bag 

You’ll get a 2 section wet bag which helps you keep the dirty and clean nappies seperate when you’re out an about.


How To Clean

1. Place solids into toilet. Use a brush to make it easier.

2. Briefly rinse dirty nappies in laundry sink, then store in an open, airy basket 

3. Run the nappies through a short (30-60 minute), warm cycle in your washing machine, using half the amount of detergent

4. Run the nappies through a second cycle which is long (usually 2+ hours for a front loading machine) and warm and using the full amount of detergent

5. Hang out in the sun to dry and disinfect.



Help Rebuild Australian Forests and Save Endangered Animals


With every purchase we will be donating to One Tree Planted to help restore Australia’s native forests. By planting trees in Australia, we’re creating habitat corridors for koalas in New South Wales and Victoria, enhancing biodiversity in Western Australia, and promoting sustainable and regenerative agriculture practices with landowners.


Your support will help make sure we’re ready to hit the ground running. 

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